AULA Wings of Liberty Keyboard! by Hero Tech   2 years ago


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AULA Mechanical Keyboard:

This keyboard makes typing more enjoyable!

Solid Keyboard, very impressed with the actual design of the keyboard. Downwards "flow" design, enjoyable typing experience and feedback from keys, trendy white, awesome logo, matching cable and a nice touch with the USB plugin with the logo on that as-well.

The most noticeable things about this keyboard which really set it apart from others is clearly the AULA mechanical keys. They are "mechanical" so if you aren't familiar with mechanical keyboards they take more actuation force than standard keyboards or most noticeably built-in laptop keyboards which take very little actuation force.

Again, I really enjoy the typing experience on these AULA blue switch keys. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a not so expensive mechanical keyboard!

On this review I am submitting a video of the overall simple and ergonomic packaging of the keyboard, as-well as taking a typing test. My normal WPM is around 100+ with this keyboard on the first try it was around 90+WPM. I really enjoy the layout and spacing of the keys and it makes it a breeze to type fast for long periods of time!

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