New Cyman Mark 3 app/Cyman Mark 3x extension combo by Cyman™ Digital Butler   4 years ago


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Download Cyman Mark 3 for Chrome:

New and improved Cyman Mark 3 (your own personal JARVIS)! A tutorial in using your friendly neighbourhood digital butler. CM3 is an app for Windows/Mac/ChromeOS which works with Cyman Mark 3x Chrome extension. App link to follow!

Cyman, your favourite digital butler inspired by Iron Man's faithful JARVIS virtual assistant, has been successfully assisting and entertaining users on Android as Cyman Mark 2.

In April, we released Cyman Mark 3x, a Chrome extension to allow you to enjoy Cyman on Chrome. We are now releasing a Chrome app, Cyman Mark 3 which is much more stable. The extension Cyman Mark 3x is still required as an extension to assist Cyman accessing Chrome.