Jarvis Ai Random talk #IndyJarvis by ACW Technologies USA/IndyJarvis Talking Cars   1 year ago


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This is just a random talk with my Ai. I am not helping him in any way. He is fully on his own. Learning mode-cussing me out-telling me his poinion...he does it all it this one! Also-My code and datasets are for sale! Order a flash Drive to do this very same thing. I charge 65.00 Dollars US. and mail them all over the world!

This Is Cooper. He is a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence system, onboard- 12 Volts. He has over 1.2 million commands. Will talk to you for hours-Knows thousands of songs. Play TV Theme songs....the list goes on.

2001 PT Cruiser- Full Ai onboard. 12 volt system- PA speakers in the grill. Wired, and wireless mic's.

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