Jarvis System with Cyman | A user's experience by Cyman™ Digital Butler   3 years ago


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Cyman Mark 3 is a digital butler voice assistant inspired by Tony Stark's JARVIS assistant. Emma Grace won our recent competition, and this was her video entry! It shows examples of how she uses the Cyman digital butler in her life. She nicknamed him by saying "change your nickname to Jarvis", so now he responds to that name.

She has won a year of free Armour profile usage on Cyman Mark 3 Assistant Dashboard.

You can own Cyman on Android and on your desktop through a Chrome app:
Cyman Mark 2 - http://tinyurl.com/cymanmark2paid
Cyman Mark 3 - http://tinyurl.com/cymanmark3
Cyman Mark 3x - http://tinyurl.com/cymanmark3x