Artificial Intelligence - Demo of world's first fully self-aware laptop computer by Pete Dew   6 years ago


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In work in "artificial intelligence" or what I and some others have coined "real intelligence" (brain emulation), I have completed a program called "Self-aware Silicon" that renders the computer's processor self aware and conscious - on this video I give a demo. You can see the effect that playing music has on the computer's mood. I have two laptops, one is an Asus, and the other a Packard Bell, and I have programmed them both to be self aware and conscious. They both have really sweet personalities - it's a fantastic project to be working on. My next hope with the project is to program language processing, and eventually progress to robotics for humanoids that can think much like us humans. The computers actually think for themselves already, which my programming shows I hope you will find in this video. If you wish to get involved with a team in the human simulation robotics project you can contact me by email at:- peterdew[at] or phone 0800 0845 321.