LINKS (Jarvis) Mark II with Teamspeak by The Smart House Guy   2 years ago


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I've been trying to develop a smarthouse for a while and finally figured out how to connect Jarvis to teamspeak, meaning I can utilize him anywhere, at anytime, on any long as i can install and connect Teamspeak to my server.

You're going to need three pieces of software:

1. Jarvis:
2. Teamspeak 3:
3. Virtual Audio Cable:

The VAC program constantly says "triAL" every five to ten seconds. It's best to just buy it, it's cheap enough and well worth it.

So install Jarvis and setup his configs, shouldn't be any problems, but if there are feel free to ask for support over at the website. Keep in mind jarvis uses your system's default audio settings, that's why we have to set those default settings to our virtual cables to get this to work.

Next install VAC, simple enough. Create three lines with mics on each of them.

Set the default playback device as 'Line 1" and default capture device as "line 3".

Install teamspeak (if you want to create your own server, you can, but this works on any server). Make two different profiles (Settings, Options, Playback and Capture).

Playback: Line 3
Capture: mic 2 (or a random mic, we're throwing this signal away)

Jarvis Answer:
Playback: Line 2
Capture: line 1

Then connect TWICE to your teamspeak server and assign each connection its specific playback and capture profile.

Then, in the tab that 'Jarvis' is in, make sure you right click 'Jarvis Answer' and click 'local mute', this way the two don't just sit there and listen to each other and play a loop.

There you go!! Now you've got Jarvis setup as a bot in Teamspeak. Now go forth, and make your smart house SMARTER!!!

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