Denise Virtual Assistant Premium with Dragon Pro by Handsfree1965   4 years ago


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Denise Virtual Assistant is the innovating program of developer Guile 3-d
Not only is Denise a very attractive desktop interface, but she's also very intelligent.
She can help you find items on your computer or on the Internet, open programs, send your e-mails, read your local weather forecast etc.
Apart from all this she's very nice company to chat with. Sometimes she's almost as sweet and surprising as a real woman,....

For those who are interested, or need the best speech recognition program available I can advise DPI 15. It is the latest Dragon version with an entirely new speech engine based on Google speech. It's accuracy comes close to 99%.

I would also advise the add-on VoiceComputer which integrates perfectly into Dragon and enables complete hands-free control of your computer. It's intag/my intags features are unique and innovative. It will also greatly reduce voice strain. You can buy either VoiceComputer or the cheaper, slimmed-down Intag program.
Both programs will also work with Windows speech.