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This is a list of 20 Awesome Free Live Wallpapers for Android phones and tablets. Click "Show More" for links to playstore and timestamps.

More videos on apps, games,mods and live wallpapers to follow.

All these wallpapers are free and can be downloaded directly off the playstore.

If there are any other top live wallpapers that you consider the best please let me know in the comments section.

I don't rank the live wallpapers in any particular order.

Previous Live Wall Paper Compilation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzJbEd0j5E0
Android Tips #6 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvYUq3VfIBc

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Live Wallpapers used in the video

00:30 Flames Free - http://goo.gl/H3bKpN
00:50 Neon Microsm Free - http://goo.gl/rNkTvd
01:15 Colorful Balls - http://goo.gl/UYRHCC
01:40 African Sunset Free - http://goo.gl/nJC0Xl
02:00 Aquarium Free - http://goo.gl/LoaGtp
02:20 Crazy Fish - http://goo.gl/hxeq3F
03:04 Swamp Water - http://goo.gl/kvmCnP
03:29 Spring Live Wallpaper - http://goo.gl/1aDZHq
03:53 Sunrise Free - http://goo.gl/dlFvgv
04:11 Drink Beer HD - http://goo.gl/CDtzaG
04:46 Day Time Wallpaper - http://goo.gl/hfnJvC
05:08 Autumn Leaves Free - http://goo.gl/4vvot0
05:56 Christmas HD - http://goo.gl/6sEnCQ
06:11 Crash Emotions - http://goo.gl/YdxeXQ
06:26 Daybreak - http://goo.gl/7uRbe3
06:48 Eastern Glow Live - http://goo.gl/3amG6S
07:29 Night Sea hr Free - http://goo.gl/uMCXuK
07:51 Passage Live - http://goo.gl/SgNrbw
08:11 Sky Flowers HD - http://goo.gl/Vk9u22
08:39 3D Train Tunnel Simulation - http://goo.gl/LD1vIn

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