10 Crazy Shoes Inventions You MUST See by Future HD   4 months ago


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You must see these crazy shoes inventions, some of them are mind-blowing!

10 Crazy Shoes Inventions You MUST See

ROAME Zeros http://roame.com/zeros/
ShiftWear http://www.shiftwear.com/
Enko http://fr.enko-running-shoes.com/
20:16 MoonWalker http://www.moonshinecrea.com/
Zubits https://zubits.com/
Powerlace http://www.powerlace.com/en/
BASE http://www.wiivv.com/
GM SHOES https://igg.me/at/gmshoes/x
Night Runner 270 http://nightrunner270.com/
Digitsole http://www.digitsole.com/

1. ROAME Zeros: Wireless Blinker Brake Motorcycle Shoe. First motorcycle shoe that is both safe and comfortable. Combining tech for impact protection, electronics, and abrasion resistance.
2. ShiftWear: The most adaptable shoes you'll ever own, customized straight from your smartphone.
3. ENKO Running Shoe: Comfort and Power. Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology.
4. 20:16 MoonWalker: The shoes that defy gravity! Futuristic urban shoes specially designed to experience what it feels like to walk on the moon.
5. Zubits: Your shoes just got insanely easy! Zubits make them magnetic. Lace Zubits onto your own shoelaces & they become fast & easy to put on & take off. No tying, knots, or messy bows. Just a clean look.
6. POWERLACE SHOES - ARE YOU READY TO STEP IN? Keep your hands free with Powerlace self-lacing shoes. The experience that you won't forget.
7. BASE by Wiivv - Custom, 3D Printed Insoles. BASE is a 3D printed insole with custom design and foot digitization captured via smart phone.
8. GM SHOES: A Pair Of Technology Shoes To Parents. GM ,took seven years of research and development to make people wear comfortable.
9. Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights: safely illuminate your path to run, walk, bike, and hike from dusk until dawn. See More / Run More.
10. Digitsole: The first interactive insole to heat your feet. Digitsole is the first connected insole on the market controlled via your smartphone - warm your feet, track your distance and calories.

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