Artificial Intelligence - the (near) future of software development by Jedrzej Osinski by Devoxx   5 months ago


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IT has been constantly evolving since the first program had been implemented on a punch card. Each new solution is simpler, more precise or more general. Weak Artificial intelligence techniques are currently widely used in games, cars, household goods... actually it is difficult to point an area where these methods are not applicable. We are just a few steps away from AI to fully dominate IT. We discuss the AI applications, opportunities and threats, and the significance of the latest success of AlphaGo.

Jedrzej Osinski has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and strong research background in computer science. He gained experience working within Polish Platform for Homeland Security (government grant). After 8 years of academic teaching, he currently lectures about software testing and products, AI applications and IT business start-up at Poznań University. He combines his academic career with being a professional QA in Cognifide, an experience management consultancy. Jędrzej is an author of 13 scientific papers. During his professional and scientific career he was involved in a number of different conferences as a speaker, papers reviewer and organizer.