Are 3 Monitors Worth It for PC Gaming Setup? by Hero Tech   2 years ago


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In this video I give my first impressions gaming with Nvidia Surround on a triple monitor setup.

Nvidia Surround - AMD Eyefinity = Same Thing


The question I address in this is: Are 3 monitors "worth" it for future Gaming Setups.

Simply put, it depends. For me I am all about performance, and consider myself a very competitive gamer. I can't stand to play games running under 60fps, to me that ruins my experience greatly. And even with my $2000+ setup I can't maintain a solid 60FPS with next-gen titles in 5760x1080p surround.

Specs: (2) GTX-680 SLI (both overclocked), i7-3770K@4.0GHZ, 16GBRAM@1600MHZ, SSD@550MBps

As it currently stands, Nvidia Surround isn't effective for anything else other than gaming. I find myself having to re-size every tab I open if I’m using my computer for normal tasks like browsing the web, or checking my email. It is also very tedious to switch back to standard display from surround. It would be foolish for me to only address gaming in this matter, because I don't think many people plan to build expensive rigs without doing other things with there PC then just gaming. Having multiple monitors is great for more screen real-estate, but as I mentioned earlier Nvidia Surround isn't suitable for use outside of gaming and must be turned off after gaming sessions. I would consider myself a Pixel Lover and enjoy lots of screens, but with lowered performance I can't recommend a setup like this until prices drop dramatically for hardware.

In this video GTA-V is featured running on ultra-settings with three 1080p monitors@60hz enabled with Nvidia Surround to create an astounding maximum resolution of 5760x1080p.

Keep in mind for a successful Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity setup, it is imperative that each monitor is the same resolution, refresh rate and have the same sync polarity.


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