Virtual Assistant Denise 2012 Guile 3D Studio Kristanna Loken Skin by guile3d   5 years ago


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Kristanna is a new skin for Virtual Assistant Denise. She was build using only one front photo with Guile 3D Avatar SDK.

Denise 2012 is an enhanced version of Virtual Assistant Denise, created by Guile 3D Studio from computer graphic software and a real-time proprietary graphics engine. Denise is the interface to our artificial intelligence software NextOS.

Her main function is to assist users in human-computer interaction, like searching the web, exploring multimedia files, checking e-mail, scheduling new appointments, all these using natural language, as the user was talking to a real person.

Denise mimics a real human being, using facial recognition, text-to-speech and speech recognition technology to identify users, understand speech questions, search for the best answers and speak aloud important information and search results.

Denise is already available for purchase at