Day to day AI software on a computer on Indiegogo by Craig Bennett II   4 years ago


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Indiegogo campaign
I'm posting this video to get your help to make an AI software that I've been working on. I'm making this software to help you during your day to day use on your computer, mobile use, and other devices.
I want to bring what I have to all Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, and Black Berry systems.

I'm asking for $300,000 because I need to do a few things before I can bring this to everyone.
1. I have to hire a team. (This means renting an area and putting the right equipment in the area. Obviously I can use freelancer, but I will get a lesser of a product.)
2. I have to hire graphic designers. (They can be freelancers)
3. I have to hire a PR group. (This will most likely be a 3rd party group. They will help me get the word out on this product via ads.)

The product itself will be updated over time. This means you will get a better product as we update it, and as more people pay for this product.