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These are top 3 most luxurious and epic buses ever made.These are amazing buses in the world you will ever see.These are motorhomes and couches which are much luxurious than standard living home.These are also the most expensive buses.
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Top 3 Supercars:
Top 3 Superbikes:
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1. Elemment Palazzo

This is a dream vehicle by marchi mobile whose cost is about $3,000,000. It looks like some futuristic vehicle from Hollywood movie and is the most expensive luxury bus in the world. It unites the features of motor, aviation and yacht. The interior is that of a luxurious home with wooden floor and marble countertop. The vehicle has an upper deck lead by staircase. It is very popular among oil rich Arab Sheikhs.
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2. Prevost H3-45 VIP

This giant costs about $1,600,000 and belongs to the H-line of luxury RV makers at Prevost. It is excellent, sleek and modern, having the highest cabin height of 12 ft 5 inches. It provides great panoramic view to both the driver and the passengers. Made up of precision moulded fibre, the shell is light weight yet very strong and the interiors feature several contemporary designs with modern sofa, wooden floor, kitchen, marble tables, etc.
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3. Newmar Dutch Star

It is truly one of the best luxury buses that can rule the road like a king.It costs about $400,000. It is a class A motor coach and is powered by a 450HP turbo diesel engine. There is drive steering system with power control. Great navigation system helps steer the vehicle through adverse weather. It also features a spacious kitchen with hardwood cabinet, a residential space comprising of two villa sofas, a dinette ensemble, washer, dryer, etc. The floor are made of porcelain and the interior is beautifully adorned with LED. It has a master bedroom and a walk-in bathroom attached to it.
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